At the heart of the salt mountain - A lasting memory

TrekkMines: Experience the genuine sense of adventure the mines can offer

Explore galleries and stairs carved by hand.

Away from our standard tours visit the often narrow, sometimes low passageways; some routes involve walking over ramps and rubble. Be adventurous and discover the old galleries and enjoy the captivating narratives of our experienced guides!

TrekkMines tours are nothing like pot holing. They are essentially tours through galleries and hand-carved staircases. Although this activity does not entail any specific danger, some basic precautions should be taken.

Recommendations and information

  • We ask you to follow the instructions and safety recommendations given to you by your guide during the tour
  • To ensure that your tour is as enjoyable and as worry-free as possible, you should have good mobility and be in good health.
  • This tour is not recommended for people prone to discomfort or who have heart or joint problems, or for those who suffer from claustrophobia
  • A hard hat is provided
  • Large free car park, also for coaches, near the departure point
  • The temperature inside is 18°C throughout the year.
  • By reservation only

Equipment required

  • Sturdy sports shoes or hiking boots
  • Walking gear. An extra T-shirt to change into after
  • Small rucksack or bum-bag
  • Picnic including a drink
  • Torch with spare batteries or head torch that will last 6 hours (naked flames are prohibited)

Cancellation Policy

  • No later than five working days before the date of the visit. After this period, the whole amount will be charged.
  • The management reserves the right to cancel or modify the organisation or route of the TrekkMines at any time, for safety reasons. Refunds are only possible upon the definitive cancellation of a Trekkmine tour.

The different tours

The three Trekkmine tours start at the Bouillet site with a short film showing the history of the place. Every person on the tour will receive a hard hat at this point.

Le Coulat

When the weather is fine, this Trekkmine routes start with an ascent on foot (approx. 20 min.), through the forest of the Foundation, to the Coulat Gallery. In case of bad weather, the mines are entered on the miners’ train. The walk then continues up the  Grand Escalier staircase (734 steps), a tour of the Coulat level and a visit to the galleries and work levels of the 18th century: De Graffenried, St. Louis and the Chambre de la Roue. Visitors then return by way of the Grand Escalier, and exit through the Bouillet Gallery on the miners’ train.

  • Distance : approx. 3 km           
  • Difference in gradient: 180 m within the galleries
  • Walking time: 3 hours 30 min.
  • Level of difficulty: Trekking for all, from 8 years old up
  • Photos / Video: permitted for private use, may not be broadcast
  • Number of participants: for groups only, max. 30 people
  • Package price per group: CHF 810.00

Mines Aventure (Le Coulat route, followed by a meal)

This route also includes a walk through the museum and exhibition areas by following the trail for Colimaçon. It is rounded off with a Miner’s Aperitif (white wine and red wine Bex AOC, local organic apple juice, mineral water and cold meat platter) in the Taverne du Dessaloir, followed by a raclette served with an onion salad and for dessert: 'Coupe Mineur' (sundried grapes in eau-de-vie with vanilla ice cream)
Exit: Return on the miners’ train to the Bouillet.

  • Distance : eapproxnv. 3 km           
  • Difference in gradient: 180 m within the galleries
  • Walking time: 3 hours 30 min. + meal
  • Level of difficulty: Trekking for all, from 8 years old up
  • Photos / Video: permitted for private use, may not be broadcast
  • Price per person :
    • CHF 99.- (26 people or more)
    • CHF 119.- (16 - 25 people)
    • CHF 139.- (11 - 15 people)
    • CHF 159.-  (6 - 10 people)

TrekkMines of Sainte Barbe

Sainte Barbe is the Fête des mineurs (Miner’s Day). It takes place every year on the first Saturday in December and is open to individual visitors as well as groups. Be adventurous and discover the old galleries and shafts apart from our standard tours and benefit from the captivating narratives of our experienced guides.

Next celebration: Saturday, the 1st of December 2018.


Things to do in the Bex Salt Mines

A visit

Plenty of adventure and lots of stories.

The Salt Mines of Bex is now a vast underground labyrinth, several kilometres of which are open to the public. A unique attraction in Switzerland! Take a ride on the miners’ train and discover the most spectacular and the most characteristic elements of the various mining techniques used since the first gallery was first dug out in 1684, right up to the present day.


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A meal, an event

Would you like to organise a unique and memorable event that is, let’s say…. 1,500 metres underground? Whether it's a conference, a seminar, a training day, or perhaps a drinks reception, a meal or an evening do, we can offer you the setting for an exceptional experience, far away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life!

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For the more daring among you: Why not go on an adventure and discover the old galleries away from the standard tour circuit and enjoy the mine’s fascinating stories as retold by our experienced guides!

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