The Bex Salt Mines - The origin of the Salt of the Alps


Here are some of the upcoming events to be hosted within the heart of the Salt Mines.


Evening visit (upon reservation)

Wednesday 11.07, Saturday 14.07, Wednesday 18.07, Wednesday 25.07, Saturday 28.07,
Saturday 4.08, Wednesday 8.08, Wednesday 15.08 and Saturday 18.08.2018


Potato salad and Schüblig.

Evening visit price with meal* (excluding drinks)

  • Adult 16 and over: CHF 29.50
  • Child aged 5 to 15: CHF 18.00
  • Child aged 0 to 4: CHF 5.00

Evening visit price without meal*

  • Adult 16 and over: CHF 20.00
  • Child aged 5 to 15: CHF 12.50

*Non-contractual document. No reduction is practiced on the mentioned prices.

Departure times

  • 18:30

Online purchase and booking here.
Booking: or +41 24 463 03 30.

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Visit & miner's brunch in the heart of the salt mountain

Wednesday 1st August 2018

Start your national day with our traditional miner's brunch based on local products, in the heart of the salt mountain, 450 meters underground!

Composition of brunch*

  • Breakfast pastries, plaited loaf, a variety of other breads, jam and honey
  • Our own Bircher muesli, yoghurt, fruit, hard-boiled eggs
  • Cheese and cold-cuts platter with Vaudois cheeses and local meats
  • Fruit tart and local specialities
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, apple juice fresh from the farm (additional charge for other drinks)

*For guidance

Visit & miner's brunch prices**

  • Adult 16 years and over: CHF 45.-
  • Child aged 12 to 15: CHF 35.-
  • Child aged 5 to 1: CHF 25.-
  • Child aged 0 to 4: CHF 10.-

**Non-contractual document. No reduction is practiced on the mentioned prices.

Departure times

  • 9:45
  • 10:30
  • 11:15

Online purchase and booking here.
Booking: or +41 24 463 03 30.



Photo exhibition

May 5, 2018 to January 9, 2019 

La Fondation des Mines de Sel de Bex is pleased to exhibit in the Dessaloir Tavern

Danièle Revaz Bays, photographer

Fleurs des Alpes au Cœur de la Montagne

at the Mines de Sel de Bex, Route des Mines de Sel 55, 1880 Bex

(Follow the tourist signs from the highway exit).

Download the exhibition poster here.




TrekkMines of Sainte Barbe

Saturday 1st December 2018

Sainte Barbe is the Fête des mineurs (Miner’s Day). It takes place every year on the first Saturday in December and is open to individual visitors as well as groups. Be adventurous and discover the old galleries and shafts apart from our standard tours and benefit from the captivating narratives of our experienced guides.

  • Distance (on foot) : approx. 3 km           
  • Difference in gradient: 180 m within the galleries
  • Level of difficulty: trekking for all in good physical condition, from 8 years old up
  • Walking time: approx. 3h 30 min.
  • Duration of the meal: approx. 2h 30 min.


Programme for the 1st of December 2018

9:45 Welcome

  • Hard hats furnished at the 'Bouillet' site
  • Audiovisual show on the history of the mines (approx. 15 min.)
  • Ascent through the forest of the Foundation on foot (approx. 20 min.) up to the entrance of the Galerie du Coulat
  • Visit of the galleries and the work levels of the 18th century (De Graffenried and Chambre de la Roue)
  • Return by the Grand Escalier (734 steps)
  • A traditional Swiss dish, 'Raclette', at the Taverne du Dessaloir

16:30 Exit the mine on the miners’ train, each visitor receives a souvenir as a gift.


Rates including the tour and a meal

  • Adult (aged 16+): CHF 67.50
  • Child (8-15 years): CHF 47.50
  • Book  here


Things to do in the Bex Salt Mines

A visit

Plenty of adventure and lots of stories.

The Salt Mines of Bex is now a vast underground labyrinth, several kilometres of which are open to the public. A unique attraction in Switzerland! Take a ride on the miners’ train and discover the most spectacular and the most characteristic elements of the various mining techniques used since the first gallery was first dug out in 1684, right up to the present day.


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A meal, an event

Would you like to organise a unique and memorable event that is, let’s say…. 1,500 metres underground? Whether it's a conference, a seminar, a training day, or perhaps a drinks reception, a meal or an evening do, we can offer you the setting for an exceptional experience, far away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life!

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For the more daring among you: Why not go on an adventure and discover the old galleries away from the standard tour circuit and enjoy the mine’s fascinating stories as retold by our experienced guides!

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