The Bex Salt Mines - The origin of the Sel des Alpes

A foundation to watch over the last working mine in Switzerland

The Bex Salt Mines Foundation, which receives substantial support from the Bex Saltworks, was established on May 6, 2002. Its role is to highlight the historical and cultural heritage linked to the Bex Salt Mines and preserve these precious assets for future generations.
The Foundation organises and runs all the tourist activities related to the mines, from the start of the visit to the souvenir shop. It also organises numerous cultural events for the general public, such as the festival of Ste-Barbe on the first weekend in December, as well as two fascinating exhibitions every year.

An exceptional heritage

The quest for 'white gold' began in the 15th century and still continues today. In order to ensure the sustainability of this remarkable resource and preserve its unique heritage, one of the Foundation's main activities is to secure funds for the necessary investments to keep the site open and running.

Full of life

In addition, the Foundation is responsible for the development of the tourism infrastructure of the Bex Salt Mines, for the hospitality visitors receive, as well as the events and entertainment. It invests heavily in the renovation of the tourist facilities year after year and succeeds in making this business operation an appealing tourist attraction that amazes both young and old alike.

Important achievements

It is thanks to the support of the Foundation that such exceptional work has been possible, such as the amazing layout of the Alexandre Dumas conference room, the transformation of the Gallery du Colimaçon into an exhibition area, and even the construction of the reception building and shop.