Fleur des Alpes - A traditional serving of authenticity


Packaged in its natural state. Rich in mineral salts, trace elements and without any additives, our Fleur des Alpes is distinguished by its purity: from the very heart of the Swiss Alps, you can be assured it is devoid of any harmful pollutants, and the Swiss origin of this product contributes to a more responsible consumption.

Without any additives. The Fleur des Alpes on your plate is as pure as the salt that was trapped in the rock when the sea receded two hundred million years. We have added nothing. No iodine, no fluorine.

The range

Fleur des Alpes

It brings all your meals a delicious and authentic flavour.

Fleur des Alpes - Larch wood special edition

From appetizer to dessert, the elegant jar itself is a beautiful reason to leave it on the table.FDA_packshot_85g_meleze.png