According to the legend, goats led us to the Sel des Alpes via a salty spring 500 years ago.
Ever since, the people from Bex have been going to Switzerland’s last active salt mine every day to prepare one of the world’s purest salt specialities just for you.

Fine Table Salt

 The symbol of fertility in some cultures and of eternity in others. Indispensable to life and all occasions. Everyday salt, white and finely crystallised, to become the unparalleled grain!
Available with or without the addition of iodine and fluorine.

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Salts with Organic Herbs

A subtle blend of Sel des Alpes and organically grown herbs and spices. Thanks to the unique character of each of the four different blends of "Mild", "Aromatic", "Oriental" and "Spicy" you can harmoniously season all your culinary dishes.

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Sel à l’Ancienne

A traditional serving of authenticity.
In an exclusive production process, rare and fragile salt crystals are collected by hand by artisans before being dried on larch wood planks. Our salt is brought directly from the heart of the Alps to your plate using traditional methods - without any additives.

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Philippe Ligron

He is a well-known personality of the culinary scene in Western Switzerland and highly committed to using local produce above all else. He has a great respect for nature as it nurtures the products he uses in his original and innovative dishes that are still deeply rooted in the traditional art of cooking.