Sel des Alpes - Pure salt from the peaks of Switzerland

The origins of the Sel des Alpes :
The mines and the Saline de Bex


The original purity of this white gold, preserved in the heart of the rock for 200 million years. Unique knowledge made it possible to extract the precious nuggets from their natural setting.


A product of unrivalled origin and formation: a mineral that can be eaten, vital for the development of life, from the only active salt mine in Switzerland.



500 years of respect for future generations. Today, with our own hydroelectric power plant we are producing our Sel des Alpes with green energy.

"A unique experience, a family adventure! Travel by train and on foot to the heart of 50 km of excavated galleries"

Sylvain, father of two

Live from Expo Milano 2015


A grain of the Sel des Alpes at Expo Milano 2015

The Expo Milano theme was "Feeding the planet, energy for life...". Salt is a superior product, one that is essential for life and needed to feed the planet. It is only natural that we participated.

Our reporter, Sophie the Blog Trotter covered the event for you. You can find her fascinating daily entries on the Sel des Alpes blogsite (in French and German only)

"I can't wait to experience the Sel des Alpes collections at Milan for myself. I was told that their claim "The taste of the Alps" is no exaggeration!"

A future visitor of the Expo Milano 15